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Do you suffer from tired, irritated, red eyes that seem to water for no reason? Do your eyes sting or burn at the end of your work day? Can't wait to remove your contact lenses when you get home? You might among the 30 million individuals struggling with chronic dry eyes. Do the summer months leave your eyes feeling itchy, or do extended hours in front of your computer screen cause blurred vision? Forget about relying on artificial tears and prescription medications; there's a groundbreaking medical device that can provide a solution, leaving you as relaxed as if you'd just left the spa. Introducing MiBo Thermoflo – a true game-changer!

MiBo Thermoflo effectively addresses the issue of clogged meibomian glands within the eye through the use of an exclusive thermoelectric heat pump. This innovative pump administers controlled heat to the outer skin of your eyelids, accompanied by the application of ultrasound gel to ensure a painless and immediate relief experience. The outcome is a healthier tear film and a significant reduction in long-term eye discomfort. What's more, this cutting-edge technology comes with no adverse side effects and is notably more cost-effective than many other alternatives. Please call 949-206-1560 to inquire about our Dry Eye clinic or to make an appointment. You deserve to give your eye a break from your dry eye problem!

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